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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 12, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a police pursuit in oakland ends with a crash and attempted carjacking, and then a deadly shooting. >> the suspect advanced towards the officers while holding a
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pistol in his hand. officers then discharged their firearms, striking the suspect. good evening, i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. oakland police say the 24-year- old man gunned down this afternoon was an armed robbery suspect and they say the pistol he was carrying was loaded. officers say they first spotted the man in a car, at 69th and international in east oakland. the driver then led them across town to west oakland, where he crashed at 27th street and martin luther king way. ktvu's amber lee has been trying to piece together the series of events that led to the shooting and she's live now at opd headquarters with what the department is telling us. >> reporter: the officers involved in this deadly shooting were all wearing body cameras and those cameras did capture the shooting. the deadly confrontation took place here at mlk in west oakland after a 24-year-old
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suspect crashed this white car. the chase started across town in east oakland at 2:40 this afternoon. police say officers spotted the man driving a car linked to an armed robbery from last month. officers say they tried to pull him over, but he took off. with the help of a police helicopter, officers were able to track where the suspect was headed. he crashed into a bystanders car, got out, and ran into another vehicle and tried to carjack that driver. police say when they arrived, the suspect ran for one block, then three officers confronted him. >> the suspect advanced toward the officers, while hosting a pistol in his hand. officers then discharged their firearms, striking the suspect. >> reporter: police say they recovered a stolen gun that the suspect was holding, it was loaded, but the man did not fire the weapon. one man who asked us not to identify him told us he heard the commotion. >> i was doing my work and
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heard three shots and that i just ran out to see what it was, and there was a bunch of cops outside, a gentleman on the ground. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood tell me they're upset that another young lieu of has been lost and questioned their trust in police. >> they shouldn't have to be our enemy. you know they're our protection. they're here for a reason. but it's like, now the new era is, it's not. >> reporter: chief went describe his police department as relatively progressive, trying to be as transparent as possible, without compromising a thorough investigation. >> like i said, the police department here has taken many steps over the last couple of years to really reduce the number of officer involved shootings. >> reporter: so far, police are only identifying the man as a 24-year-old oakland resident, but protesters who have gathered don't are calling him joe bart, and police are telling me that this is the third deadly officer involved
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shooting in oakland this year. >> amber, have police said whether or not they're going to release that body cam video? >> reporter: so far, they have not yet, but we will continue to ask them about it. >> all right, amber, thank you. now small group of protesters have been marching in oakland tonight. they say they'reup set about the deadly police shooting this afternoon. we have seen garbage cans tipped over. also reports of a broken window at a starbucks. social media posts show an american flag burning, and are using the #black lives matter. it is estimated the crowd is fewer than 100 people. family and friends -- they gathered near the shore of oakland's lake merritt. 29-year-old mario martinez died of an apparent asthma attack while in custody on july 15. his family wants an investigation into his death. they say guards ignored repeated requests for medical
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help, even when he had problems breathing. >> the result of not getting the medical attention that he needed. those deputies right there need to be held accountable, because it was within their power. how can you look at somebody dying in front of you and not want to help them! >> sheriffs spokesmen said medical crews were on scene approximately 10 minutes before martinez collapsed. the family is calling for the cancelation of the county contract with horizon health. now to lake county where fire crews are starting to make progress fighting that latest wildfire at clear lake. new numbers show the jerusalem fire has now spread to more than 20,000 acres. containment has grown to 16%. that's up from 6% earlier today. we get the new developments from ktvu's ken pritchett. he's live in lake county tonight, where firefighters are dealing with erratic winds in areas that don't even have roads.
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>> reporter: right now, we are along morgan valley road, this is an area where the fire ran through. yesterday overnight, or sometime this morning, you can see there's virtually no vegetation left here that was not burned. if you look up in this light, you can see how thick the smoke is in the ashes. and this blanket of smoke layed down when the sun came through tonight. the same thing is expected to happen with the fire. it is expected to lay down overnight. >> reporter: this evening in view, both north and south of morgan valley road, you can see burning brush and heavy smoke. this vegetation is surrounded by scorched earth, and of little consequence to firefighters. >> a very large tanker. making a big drop. >> reporter: but earlier today, the jerusalem fire raged, and the fire fight was intense, as thousands of acres were added to the burned total. >> we have fire to our east, on the eastern side here. and also on the western side, there's a lot of unburned fuel in here, and up in here by
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these dozer lines. >> reporter: firefighter tony mchale says the conditions this afternoon were particularly dangerous. gusty winds, and dry grasses, or flash fuels. by the hour, the fire lines moved away from morgan valley road and deeper into the back country. only making containment more difficult. >> we're faced with the same challenges we had before with access. very difficult to get crews, very limited roads, improved roads, so people have to hike in. we have to use a lot of aircraft. >> reporter: a dc10 tanker dropped long lines of fire retardant, one of several aircraft working to protect homes before the typical burst of fire activity in the afternoon. >> then when things start to settle down at night, and the humidity goes up, they start pounding in the containment line. >> reporter: that's what should be taking place right about now. this is just one of 16 fires burning in california. most of them in northern california. cal fire says it has about 500 engines deployed on those
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fires. that represents about half of its fleet. >> all right, ken pritchett tonight in lake county, thank you. bill martin is tracking a return of the triple digit temperatures. tomorrow's forecast coming up in 11 minutes. you can find all the ktvu meteorologists on twitter and facebook. arson investigators in san leandro say a fire that destroyed a supermarket earlier this week was deliberately set. the fire started at 2:30 monday morning at the marina supermarket. the family owned market was destroyed, and four other nearby businesses were damaged. investigators say among other crews, the fire burned quickly, and was very hot, pointing to arson. >> over the last two days, reviewing security video, evidence recovered from the scene, and talking to witnesses have deemed this to be an arson. >> reporter: so far, police have not made any arrest, they are asking anyone who may have information to call san leandro police. the california energy commission issued a mandate today requiring shower heads sold in california be more
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water efficient. the new shower heads will be limited to 1.8 gallons of water per minute. currently, most release about 2 gallons a minute. the new rules will make shower heads sold in california the most water efficient in the country. the mandate is set to be phased in starting in 2018. and the state department of water resources has announced a $6 million toilet rebate program. it will provide a $100 rebate for any household willing to replace an old water guzzling toilet with a new high energy efficiency one. the agency says it will often a long rebate of lawn replaced up to 1,000 square feet. half of the rebates will be reserved for a low income resident. we are anticipating a natural light show to illuminate the night sky. the perseid meteor shower is expected to peak in a few hours. this could be one of the best
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shows in years. opening its doors at midnight for this spectacular show. >> reporter: ken, hopefully the weather is going to cooperate for us. it was clear just a few minutes ago, but that fog has started rolling in. hopefully, though, as i said, the weather will cooperate. because this is a chance for mother nature, for people to see mother nature at her best, perhaps one of the best places to take in this meteor shower is right here high above oakland in the hills, where there is nothing but sky here, the science center opened its doors so people could come up here and take a look. they've opened the observetory deck. i had a chance to chat with an astronomer and asked him why does this shower occur every year. here is his explanation. >> the meteor shower is caused by a stream of particles left behind by a comet, called swift tutle. this comet is in a 133-year-old
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orbit. as we are orbiting around the sun, we pass through the stream of particles left behind by the comet, so we see it as kind of, if you imagine driving through a snowstorm, the snow is coming straight down, but because you're driving it looks like it's coming at you. and we get the same effect, so we have a point in space where we call the radiant, which is where the meteors appear to come from. if you look up here, you can see the radiant, it's near the constellation persius, so that's where the perseid name comes from. >> reporter: you can expect to see 50 to 60 meters every hour. that's one every minute. as i mentioned, location is key. here we've got city lights and the fog, but if you look to the eastern sky, we should be good to go. it's not expected to happen until around midnight.
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as you can see, there were a lot of kids here. hoping to stay up past their bed time tonight to take in tonight's shower. i spoke with a little girl named anna, this will be her first time to see a meteor shower. she is beyond excited. she told me if she's able to see it, it will be the first thing that she tells her classmates when she attends the first day of school on monday. >> usual, we talk about our summer. usually, two minutes for the weekend, three minutes for summer vacation. and probably, my question would be did you guys see the meteor shower. >> reporter: to that, anna is hoping to be able to say i saw it, and it was awesome. that's what a lot of people here are also hoping to be able to say tonight. this is not expected to peak until midnight. astronomers say between midnight and 3:00 a.m., you'll probably be able to see all of those showers. they say this year, the sky's conditions are especially good, because the moon is relatively new and won't interfere with
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the showers of view. so take it in. starting at midnight tonight. go ahead and drink your coffee now. >> sounds like anna is a junior nasa scientist right now. >> got to see a few of those streets, and it's really neat to see. the team rescued hundreds of people during hurricane katrina. at 10:30, how a bay area fire chief is tackling a new personal challenge. >> it's a very humbling injury. >> checking on your bay area temperatures for our thursday. it's going to be slightly warmer in some places. i'll let you know the spots that will be the warmest, and where the fog will be tomorrow morning when you get going. >> police are calling it an unusual case of shoplifting at this iconic apple store. how quickly it took a crew of criminals to steal thousands of dollars wort of iphones, and why the case is a challenge for police.
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a brazen theft to tell you about tonight at the flagship apple store in palo alto. thieves literally ripped off iphones. >> reporter: like at most apple stores, you can see there are iphones, and ipads tethered to the tables here. investigators say a group of young men came in and stole almost two dozen iphones just here in a matter of seconds. along tree lined university avenue, and just under the
10:16 pm
white apple icon, what police call an unusual shoplifting case, that happened during a typically busy time, just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon, when employees at the apple store called police. >> they have reported that four people had just run in and ripped off, literally, ripped off 22 iphones from the display cases and ran out. >> reporter: the iphone is worth an estimated $16,000, stolen in about 30 seconds. >> the phone is tethered to a desk, and these suspects physically ripped the phone off the tether and then made away with them. >> reporter: it's the second time this year the flagship store where tourists often take photos was hit. >> we were being robbed once a week by a gang called the rainbow girls and now we have security guards. >> reporter: thieves stealing from the store where she works are getting more brazen. >> they would come in, even when we would see them, they would steal stuff right in
10:17 pm
front of us. open up their bag and walk out within a minute. >> reporter: police say don't have a lot of leads, only generic descriptions. they're opening for a break in the case. >> it's pretty widely known that the phones are pretty secure. you would think you would have to have some kind of a plan to remarket these phones somehow, or ship them overseas somehow. >> reporter: police say what made this case unusual is the sheer number of suspects and the amount of phones they were able to get away with. now they do have surveillance video. they're not releasing it, saying at this point, it's not much of a help to them, because the criminals aren't really recognizable. >> that was going to be my question. so there is videotape, but not doing much good. all right, maureen in palo alto. new developments tonight in alameda where police say they've arrested a teenager for allegedly breaking into an apartment, and sexually assaulting a girl in her bedroom. investigators say the assault happened over the weekend, while the girl's mother slept in the same apartment. police say the 17-year-old boy
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cut a window screen, and then crept into the girl's room. the suspect was booked on sexual assault and burglary charges. police say they have linked him to as many as five burglaries in alameda. a former fremont elementary teacher is booked behind bars on suspicion of child molestation. following a tip to the fbi. he had been wanted by fremont police for alleged sexual abuse of two elementary school students in a cold case from 14 years ago. montenegro is expected to be transferred to alameda county this week for arraignment. a battle over books is at issue in berkely. at issue, is the number of books being discarded by the pling library. why is city leaders are now getting involved. >> reporter: there may be some half a million books in the berkely public library, but some say what's going on here is bad horror story. they say more than 39,000 books
10:19 pm
have been weeded out since january. >> the speed and the volume is more like clear-cutting than weeding. >> reporter: valor, compassion. >> this play won a tony award. what happened? >> reporter: dozens of former librariens and supporters rallied in front of the library to call attention to the culling process. the librarian first said only two dozen books were discarded. that's led to allegations of a cover-up by a city councilman. >> it's admittably strong language. >> yes. >> but it is true. >> reporter: library director jeff scott says he was mistaken about the 2,000 books that he consulted an incomplete list. he also says he's in the process of determining how many books were discarded that many titles may be missing or were
10:20 pm
never returned. >> i've come to realize that that information was inaccurate. so i'm researching that to find out more information to see how many items were deleted. >> reporter: the distrust among those here runs deep. they say in the past librarians were allowed to weigh in on what books get discarded. now it's just a small group deciding. the library director says he's just streamlining the process, and books in poor condition that are seldom checked out meet the criteria for being shipped out. >> you look at three years no circulation. >> just because something hasn't been taken out for a few years doesn't mean it's not valuable. this is a research community. >> reporter: the library director says he will come up with a more open way of culling books. and he says he will consider more people in the process. ktvu, fox 2 news. tracking the low clouds and fog that are back at the coast, that's going to put the batcher
10:21 pm
on the perseid meteor shower for the folks in san francisco. if you're in walnut creek or concord, there will be patches of it. the fog is out there. it's going to be a little warmer tomorrow. the fire zones right side now. look at the humidity. 40% humidity, 52%. great news for firefighters they're jumping on it right now. you can bet the men and women up here, certainly, the jerusalem fire are going after it hard. this low pressure system. and that system sticks around tomorrow, they get one more day of bearable fire fighting conditions. then it changes, then high pressure builds in, and temperatures are really going to warm, tomorrow, a lot like today. good news for firefighters. then as we head into friday, saturday, and sunday, it gets much warmer. so we're going to talk about that when i come back. so just know tomorrow morning, upper 50s, there's your fog footprint, kind of right on the edges of the bay.
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then your forecast tomorrow for fog, there it is. pretty good dose of it, right? it burns off quickly, watch out for the reds, those are the 90s. that's thursday. friday, these reds, these oranges are all coming this way. i'll have all the specifics on the long range forecast when i see you next. ahead tonight, police announce an arrest in a case involving our own news crew robbed at gunpoint, while covering a story. >> later tonight, 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick breaks his silence. what he said today about the aldon smith incident. >> up first, a major health issue for former president jimmy carter. the diagnosis revealed today.
10:23 pm
10:24 pm
former president jimmy carter said today he has been diagnosed with cancer. mr.carter released a statement saying that surgery earlier
10:25 pm
this month to remove a small mass on his liver revealed the cancer. the statement says it has spread, but did not give specifics. more information is expected possibly next week. the 90-year-old former president plans to undergo treatment at emery medical center in atlanta. san francisco police today announced an arrest in a brazen armed robbery, involving two news crews, including one from ktvu. ktvu with more on the suspect and the search for two others. >> there's an incident out here. >> reporter: chilling moments for cara lou, the ktvu reporter had been doing a shoot on kate steinle's killing. >> we ran to try to get out of the way to see if we could help them. >> reporter: yelling don't shoot him. >> it was pretty surreal.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: our camera caught this image of the gunman. the photographer with blood dripping down the side of his head. >> the level of violence is scary. >> reporter: the crew had thought he had been shot, luckily, he had just been pistol whipped. a masked man pointed the gun at the crook and made off with expensive camera equipment. >> within a week, we were abe to identify a black 7 series bmw that we believed was a possible suspect vehicle. >> reporter: police track who they say was the driver, 23- year-old known gang member, michael jones of san francisco. >> a surveillance was set up of mr. jones and over time we were able to develop enough probable cause to effect his arrest. that took place in fremont in a motel 6. there was a slight foot pursuit. >> reporter: chief sur thanked oakland police who he says were crucial to the investigation. two other suspects remain at
10:27 pm
large. >> they say the number one deterrent to crime is fear of being caught. this guy was caught. we're confident we're going to get his crime partners, and in the future with this tracking technology, this is not a crime worth committing. >> reporter: the basic thing is, we're trying to report on news and what's going on in the community, for the community, and it's frankly pretty offensive that we come under attack. >> reporter: jones has pleaded not guilty to a host of charges, including robbery, aggravated assault, conspiracy, and grand theft. he is due back in court september 28 for his preliminary hearing. in san francisco, tara moriarty. an update on tonight's antipolice protest in oakland. a crowd of demonstrators briefly made their way onto interstate 980 and were blocking traffic near the 27th street ramp. in the past few minutes, that crowd left the freeway, but they have blocked the ramp causing cars now to back up and 980. people driving in the area
10:28 pm
should be aware of possible delays. a driver trying to elude police falls from the bay bridge, and survives. how she made her getaway and the criminal charges she faces when the chp finds her. >> also from floods to fires, he has seen it all. in three minutes, a bay area fire chief who needed rescuing himself, and now faces a new challenge.
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tonight the chp is looking for a woman who crashed a stolen car on the bay bridge, then survived a crash off the bridge. just after 2:00 a.m., the woman crashed the car on the eastern side of the bridge. she was then seen climbing a rail along the bike pact. the chp says an officer trained in crisis intervention grabbed the woman and tried to pull her to is safety, but they fell out
10:31 pm
of his grip and fell 70 feet into the water. two other women were with her, they were detained, but released shortly there after. >> i do know the vehicle she was driving was confirmed to be stolen. reported several weeks ago out of los angeles through the lapd. >> a truck driver later reported he had given a ride to a woman in a dress who was soaking wet. authorities say this description matched. authorities also found her identification. but will only say she's in her 20s and from the east bay. the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina is approaching, and tonight, we're looking back at a decade of progress, grief, and change. >> the wake of the hurricane that saved the lives of hundreds of people, new at 10:00, the personal tragedy he suffered since then that changed his life forever. >> reporter: ten years ago, menlo park fire chief was in the middle of one of the
10:32 pm
biggest natural disasters in american history. >> living a in a dead city in new orleans, it wore on us, because all we saw was destruction. >> reporter: in september of 2005, we caught up with him as he and his bay area water rescue teams launched boats just outside of the french quarter. >> this whole neighborhood is under water. >> reporter: they had no idea what they were in for. >> this is the worst. >> i've never had a day like that, since that. i mean, literally, it was probably the most unbelievable day. >> reporter: he and his team rescued 502 people on that day, pulling men, women, and children out by boat, and handing them out to waiting helicopter crews, moving as fast as they could. >> what we did over there, we would never do anywhere else. even one child separated from the family is a big deal. you put them in child protective services, there, you just hand a kid off to somebody because you couldn't hold onto him. >> reporter: he had been to the
10:33 pm
oklahoma city bombing, ground zero. but he had never seen anything like this. >> we weren't recovering parts of people, or deceased people, which is what we had been doing on every event that we'd ever been to. suddenly, we're in new orleans, and we're pulling people out, out of attic, out of buildings. you know, people that would have died, had we not come in and found them. >> reporter: fema had placed tight restrictions on media access. he ignored it. >> the day we were with you, we totally broke the rules that day. you weren't supposed to be with us on a boat, we were told there's no news reporters. >> reporter: he thought the story was too important. what he and his teams didn't know then is that many of the hundreds of people they rescued, and got to dry land still had nowhere to go. thousands of people are put in these staging areas with limited food, water, sanitation, including shade sometimes. or medical attention for people that were sick, or kids that were separated from their
10:34 pm
families. >> reporter: some residents were seething at fema. people threw things at his trucks after seeing the fema placards on their vehicles. he ordered them to flip them over. >> this is the crowd that we're driving through, we're not fema, we're from california. i have to tell you, ken. it changed in second. people were telling us, they loved us, they were thanking us for being there. >> reporter: later he learned why there was so much anger. >> it wasn't until we got back that we realized everybody thought this disaster was an immense failure, yet, we rescued ourselves, our team, over 1,000 people. >> reporter: in 2007, he became chief of the menlo park fire district. as the crisis in new orleans faded, he suddenly faced a new personal tragedy. >> i wake up, i'm in a pool of blood. i can't move. i knew my life changed in that
10:35 pm
moment. >> reporter: he had fallen off a 16-foot ladder while trimming bushes in his backyard, and broke his neck. almost by instinct, he found himself shifting into first responder mode, coordinating his own rescue. >> i'm doing this self- assessment. self-assessment isn't good. what am i going to do? sit there and cry about it? >> reporter: the 6'3", robust, lifesaver is now in a wheelchair. he may never walk again. >> you're a guy like me, needing help, when you used to do everything. it's tough. it's a very humbling injury that you know, it's not an easy life. >> reporter: one he's reminded of every time he hears a siren from his firehouse. >> a little piece of me will never not be on that truck thinking about how great that part of my career was. >> reporter: but he has new responsibilities, and a new mission. >> making the community better, safer. that's what i do now every day.
10:36 pm
and i love it. i'm thankful to be here. >> reporter: and he's applying the lessons he learned from katrina in menlo park. >> the rescuers are very creative people. just tell them what needs to be done and then get out of the way, they'll pull it off. you may not want to know exactly how they did it. >> he says despite this injury, he's moving forward with his life, and that includes remaining on duty as the menlo park fire chief. >> hearing him say he needs help now, after spending so much of his time helping so many people, but it's nice to see that he's staying with the department and moving forward. >> yeah, he's really something special. >> yeah. all your reports with him. we wish him the best. dozens of new outlet stores, the latest additions to an already popular destination that is set to open tomorrow. >> definitely warming up around here. temperatures on the increase. we could see triple digit heat by the weekendment i'll let you know which cities will be the hottest, and when the cool down
10:37 pm
will begin. >> up first, details on today's deadly riot at folsom county prison.
10:38 pm
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a riot inside new folsom prison claimed the life of a 71- year-old and left several more injuries.
10:40 pm
the department of corrections says the riot started just before 1:00 this afternoon and involved about 100 maximum security inmates. correctional officers used pepper spray, and fired three warning shots to stop the fight. five inmates were hospitalized with stab wounds, back in 1971 pinell was involved in an escape attempt at san quentin prison that left six people dead. a transgender inmate has been released from a california prison just a day before a federal appeal's court was scheduled to hear a hearing for sex reassignment surgery. she was released from a men's facility east of sacramento today. state corrections officials say this ends the attempt to have the state pay for the surgery. she was incarcerated for fatally shooting a man and spent 30 years behind bars. u.s. stocks started the day
10:41 pm
sharply lower. nasdaq managed a 7 point gain and the s & p rose almost 2 points. the second phase of a popular east bay shopping center location is set to open tomorrow. 30 new stores are set to open their doors in livermore. livermore police expect a lot of traffic on interstate 580. police say additional officers will be brought in to monitor the parking lot there. keeping watch for car burglaries, and other crime. >> we'll have an extremely heavy presence here just to make sure that we can look over people's belongings, and make sure that everyone is safe. >> there were major traffic headaches in the area when phase 1 of the mall opened back in 2012. store managers and police say their best advice for tomorrow? just be patient. get ready, triple digit heat back in the forecast. chief meteorologist bill martin with exactly what we can expect and when. >> up first, a happy homecoming
10:42 pm
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the coast guard cutter stratton is back home in alameda tonight after four months out at sea, in a successful mission that netted tons of cocaine, worth more than $1 billion. telling us about the crew members, their mission, and being back home. >> the stratton spent 114 days patrolling for drugs, and in the end, seized 33 tons of cocaine in 23 separate cases. with excited children jumping and waving signs, crew members of the coast guard cutter stratton pulled into their home port of alameda this morning, reuniting with family members and loved ones, in this video, you see here, this is from one of their busts just south of mexico. this is last month, where
10:45 pm
12,000 pounds of crane were seized from a vessel in the east pacific. reportedly four suspected smugglers were caught in this bust. it just about filled that flight deck with nearly 40 cases all wrapped together. and before arriving back to alameda after all of that hard work, the drugs were dropped off in san diego. >> we're very proud of course, and we have a great crew on in here. and i think everybody is real happy to know that we're able to take that much raw cocaine off the street, and make it work. the drug cartels feel this. we know they feel this. >> reporter: after being gone for nearly 4 months, you can imagine just how great it feels for these families to be able to reunite. there were plenty of hugs and kisses to go around. >> they look great. just happy to be here, happy to be home. and happy to see them.
10:46 pm
>> it was very surprising, you know. i didn't expect anything like that. very fortunate to be part of that group and hopefully, we'll, you know, keep it going. >> i'm very proud of him. i'm very proud. anything that i could share on facebook i was sharing because he was a part of it, and i was so happy that he was able to be a part of that. >> reporter: along with the drug bust, the stratton crew helped with search and rescue missions, the crew will be home for a few months now for maintenance, and is back out there on the water. ktvu, fox 2 news. tracking the temperatures from today highs from tomorrow are going to look a lot like these. 87 one of the hot spots in antioch. 85 in morgan hill. high temperatures as we go into the next couple of days are going to come up. a beautiful shot outside now. not seeing the meteor shower
10:47 pm
from the estuary. those clouds will start to stop right at the east bay hill. so if you get over the east bay hills, you're going to see the clear skies, and so, out of walnut creek and livermore, and san jose, you'll see the showers tonight. meteor showers. here's the low pressure center that's helped firefighters out greatly. it's going to be around another 24 hours or so. another day tomorrow like we had today. fog along the coast now. the fog is going to probably stop right here. that inversion is sinking down. the inversion is coming back. so the fog is getting pressed down. so it will be at the coast if you're around the bay in the morning, but clear inland. warmer by a few degrees tomorrow, and then significantly warmer on friday and saturday. microclimates tomorrow, wednesday, or thursday, pardon me, look a lot like they did today, but on friday, we're going to see in those inland valleys.
10:48 pm
saturday, we could see low 100's. tomorrow you're looking at mid- 80s, maybe upper 80s. here's the low pressure system. as that low pulls away, this high builds in, and we get warmer. friday, saturday, sunday. the warmest days with fire danger becoming a concern. not for red flag warnings so much, but just lower humidities and much higher temperatures. san francisco, 72 degrees, with patchy clouds in the morning. san jose, what do you have there? 80degrees for a daytime high. 72 at lunchtime in san jose. as you look at the forecast highs, 88 in santalina. our weather has been pretty much pretty flat lining the last few weeks or so, but actually a few years. for the firefighters, it's a great set up. at least this next 24 hours. we did a story earlier.
10:49 pm
we jump on these fires. the humidity in the fire zone is like 58% right now. >> one more night and it changes coming up this weekend. >> i'm going to look for these meteor showers when i drive home. >> you'll probably see them. be safe driving though. >> don't text and don't look at showers when your driving. joe fonzi is on deck with sports. up first, street soccer coming to san francisco. and the star on hand tonight promotes the upcoming tournament.
10:50 pm
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soccer fans lined up outside a san francisco storefront to meet chris wandalowski from de la sal. the event will be held in civic center plaza. adults, youth, and corporate teams are encouraged to sign up. they support job and life skills to at risk teens and young adults. joe fonzi here with sports talking about the giants. still struggling. >> the giants got half of what they needed today in the game against houston. the pitching was there, but they weren't able to generate any official. the junior giants had a chance to meet with a genuine hall of
10:53 pm
famer, willie mccovey. in the 3rd, nori aoki makes a bid for a base hit, but carlos correia tips it to himself for the out. chris heston, and feldman still matching zeros when colby rasmus came to the plate, leading off the 7th. rasmus goes high and deep to right over the arcade, and bouncing into the body of water named after mccovey. this ball fair, and gone. feldman and four relievers limit the giants to just 5 hits in a 2-0 win. the giants tonight turning their attention to what was going on at dodger stadium. the dodgers with a slim 1-0 lead over washington in the 8th. andre ethier hits a shot to the wall in right. this should put the dodgers at second and third with one out, but a wild throw allowed joc pederson and ethier to score. clayton kershaw allows just 3 hits in 8 innings as the
10:54 pm
dodgers win 3-0. the a's had another look at the hottest team in baseball. the blue jays have been on fire since the trade deadline. aaron brooks was done in by a 7 run 2nd inning. scoring got started when a fellow named josh donaldson drove in a pair of runs with a base hit. that's 85 rbi's on the season now pour done andson. the drive of the inning was justin smoke. the blue jays go on to win 10- 3. toronto moves a half game ahead of the yankees and into first place in the al east. baseball history on the verge of being made today by the mariners hisashi iwakuma. manny machado grounded out. it was then about getting the
10:55 pm
final out. austin jackson handles. iwakuma becomes the second japanese player to throw a major league no hitter. hideo nomo did it twice. 49ers and raiders both play their first preseason games of the year this weekend. at 49er camp, wanting to banish aldon smith. quarterback kaepernick addressing reports that smith's arrest for a dui was proceeded by a locker room argument between the two. >> i feel like anyone that believes that, and goes about that reporting that is, umm, just doesn't have the best integrity in my mind. i mean, to try to prey on athletes livelihoods, while one is going through a tough time
10:56 pm
is, embarrassing to me. a little nba news today as the 34 players vying for the u.s. olympic team continued their mini camp in las vegas. steph curry, and lebron james sharing a moment and learning that in a very high profile game, the warriors and cavaliers will meet on christmas day. warriors also learn they'll open the season against another team they met in the playoffs, the new orleans pelicans. that team now coached by former warrior assistant alvin gentry. >> it's going to be fun opening day, playing a young, hungry, talented pelicans team. and obviously, finals rematch. hopefully against a healthy cavs team, and give the world what they want to see. that's a show. the warriors are playing 25 nationally televised game in the coming season. that's what a world championship team will do for your profile. 25 nationally televised games. thank you pour joining us tonight. our next newscast begins at 4:00 a.m.
10:57 pm
with mornings on 2. the latest on that police shooting of an oakland man. >> if you missed any portion of this newscast, you can catch the rebroadcast starting right now on tv36. good night. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories.
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